miércoles, 4 de agosto de 2010

minie's dreams

I know for sure that this is going to sound silly but I have to tell this anyways, last week I went to disney with my sister and my friends (trip's girls) and there my little sister bought a pijama of minie mouse at the principal disney store, so when I saw it I knew it was cute but I didn't care,I mean I didn't want it, never passed by my head the idea of buy it but then something happened and I began to search it in my size , but even the funniest thing about that shopping was that after two minutes when at least I thought the girls began to do the same so we all ended up buying a lot of disney pijamas, and believe me when I say "a lot", so as we needed a excuse to wear these clothes, my sister organized a special party, where in fact my friends and I were not invited, we were actually the volunteers waitres in it, not good at all, cause we have to ask if everywere was fine every five minutes , but who cares? we were fine wearing nice clothes and eating yummy puncakes until four o'clock, I did'nt unsderstand why this girls couldn't sleep. these are the photos about the way.

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