miércoles, 18 de agosto de 2010

cabo - light me up!

everybody was tired by the fly, the only one in feet was aly but even she was falling sleep taking these pictures

feeling the moment..confort in sound!

these are a few photos or aly and I going crazy in the feeder's concert last night ,honestly we couldn't wait to see once again to the boys, we were such a nervous, happy, exciting and ansiose before they started, so it was kind of relieve when they appaer in the stage, I have no idea when I became such a big fan of these boys but since I remenber I used to say uh uh uh uh uh all the time like in the feeling the moment song jajja, so if you don't have tickets to their show you better go for it cause you're not going to de dissapointed at all, they are truly 100% honest with the public, they sound exactly like their demo, no fake voices , no arreichments, just pure talent and natural skills musical, feeder rocks!!!

miércoles, 4 de agosto de 2010

minie's dreams

I know for sure that this is going to sound silly but I have to tell this anyways, last week I went to disney with my sister and my friends (trip's girls) and there my little sister bought a pijama of minie mouse at the principal disney store, so when I saw it I knew it was cute but I didn't care,I mean I didn't want it, never passed by my head the idea of buy it but then something happened and I began to search it in my size , but even the funniest thing about that shopping was that after two minutes when at least I thought the girls began to do the same so we all ended up buying a lot of disney pijamas, and believe me when I say "a lot", so as we needed a excuse to wear these clothes, my sister organized a special party, where in fact my friends and I were not invited, we were actually the volunteers waitres in it, not good at all, cause we have to ask if everywere was fine every five minutes , but who cares? we were fine wearing nice clothes and eating yummy puncakes until four o'clock, I did'nt unsderstand why this girls couldn't sleep. these are the photos about the way.

make me dance!

nobody in the world makes me laughter more than michael , I admit that sometimes his talks are insane but in the end od the day if I had the chance to hear everything again I'll definitely do it, yesterday for example, we had to get out of the restaurant cause we both have a laugh attack and now that I'm writting I'm still remembering our conversation with a smile in the face, so yes the night was good, especially after listen the song the he composed by his own and dance in the middle of the street, about the way the photos were taking by my sweet driver.