viernes, 23 de julio de 2010

night out

yesterday I went out but only with luke , here some pics taken by the waitress jajjaja

colorfull mess

Luke and I went to my nono's home yesterday afternoon and we just arrived when he was finishing to paint, (he's an amazing painter) so he told him "I can put all together in his place Renato" so my nono left and I was like ¿u don't too babe, we have people to do that? and he smiled ear to ear and took t-shirts out of his pockects I then I realized his intensions ,obviously it end up in complete disaster cause we meesed the wall and floor up as I originally imagined but it was the sweetest thing that we ever do together, but my nono didn't care about the mess and even told me that if he could back the time he'll do the same time with nona ...isn't it cute?? I'm just breathless since that...

ripped jean shorts babe

I stole this pictures from my somes friends's facebook, this is my enjoying summer in my adorable ripped short

jueves, 15 de julio de 2010

between hugs and kisses

it's been a long since all my favorite people went to bahamas to hang out, but it's razonable cause everyone is having a relashionship, so yesterday that was the excuse to have lunch together and know more about everybody's couples... and just doing the thing we usually do, like burning to much the food, biclyng or skating a bit and of course playing the guitar between hugs , laughts and kisses, the afternoon faded quickly but the night was even better , it just end up in the way it should end... between lights and more hugs

miércoles, 14 de julio de 2010

dancing in the sunshine was sick

of mask and lolys

last night was amazing, ceci, one of my favorites girls of the world turn out just 24 and she celebrated that in a unique way, like all the guest had to drink five shots of tequila before walk into the party as the condition to get in and by the way everyone's face were I can tell the tequila was hard so the masks help then to cover their funny faces , my favorite drink in the night was the the beach loly redhead because it really brings a loly!

picnic melody

everyting around us was shining , he prepared me italian food as always does and brought his guitar, so why not a picnic while we listen to the melody of nature as a soundtrack and we try to keep the rhythm with ours guitars? ... such a beautiful day around him

fashion lovers

well my oldest brother isn't a big fan of photografy but he's definilly a fashion lover, so here's some pics of us togehter

just a litle of me

Aly and I decided get a little exposed this is pretty much what we did