miércoles, 29 de diciembre de 2010

I see you trought my donut

after party I came home with jano, so after rest I spend the afternoon in the couch hearing how he plays piano and eating donuts that went to buywhen I was sleeping, see he couldn't be sweet, he and maikol always made my day magical...and this is not the expection

27 or 17?

it's been along since I meet jano at university, obviously I have chahged a lotbut he stays the same because every year seems to be indiferent to him, he turns 27 today but he look younger right , well it must be his beau baby face, I deply fully love jano, he have share everything in the past teen years, he's exactly the kind of person that I introduce anyone to be his girlfriend cause he's really loyal and possitive all the time, and those are qualities really hard to find in baby's face.

nails & tatoos

these are the tatoos I gonna have for three monthsbecause I maik made those with chinesse tint

creamy rose

no one knows this place like me

these are few picturs ofme around france during the past week, tomorrow I'll be in spain, one od my fiend isgonna get married so I have a dresses to try on ...

le amore nnunca se deja de sentir solo se olvida unmomento

I can believe the weekhas gonethis afternoon I go back to france and then to spain, I'm gonna miss this beach, the warm water, the people,the local pasta, the terrific pizza and gelato as myuncle,this is sad.

love at first time...

it's my second day in italy but I'm still feel llike it's the first, this country is amazing just like the people,love being here

el mio amore a un ccelo bellisimo

after russia my dad wanted to pass for italy and no one was bother for it, I love italy as I have family here they enjoin us to make our happiness even bigger, my father has a house here but it's rented beacuse we don't spend to much time at the year so, sowe went to my uncle's houses, who is the second woman I love the most in the world, first one is mom of course, and Ihopespend a week here ...

russia winter

I was right, I needed some winter and also my family, I thought we'll go to cannes but they wanted to go russia, I've never were in russia before so it was a good experience, we went to every cafeteriein and restaurant in the town to taste the tradicional food and of course my brotherand I went to the vodka fabric in the city, jajja I thinkit was his dream, thank god hiswife were there because I didn't want to take him tothehotel ny my own especially after hetried everydrink jajjaja he's so funny when he's drunk but weight a lot so thankgod vero was there, here somepics of my mom and I, my parents, my brother and I, me and my nephew, and me, my brother and his wife.