martes, 14 de diciembre de 2010

the wrong way make me happy

my father always is concerned about my trips because my friend and I never took the easy way to arrive in any place and the only reason is beacause we like to create fun memories, for example we could get a fly to vernebu since australia in just one hour but I can bet that in that hours everyone will be sleep but what if we rent a car and then take the train to a neibor town of vernebu, of course it's not to confortable but in the end of the day we're young and we can find thing to do or say, it's time that we could use to comunite between us and hang out, I have to say that people always say that the quicly thing makes you win more time, but in what does they use that won time? in nothing! less to comunicate , well we like to do the wrong way but were happy with the results, we only spend money in easy thing when doing the largest way isn't gonna makes us happy, that's why money doesn't buy happines but help to simulate when there's none with easy stuff

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